Landlord Information

New Pathways “Start to Succeed” Initiative

The New Pathways “Start to Succeed” Initiative is an innovative new way to let your property.

We have one clear commitment – Tenancy Sustainment.

New Pathways Start to Succeed Initiative is a unique offering to the Dundee Private Rented Sector.

Why? We are a Social Enterprise who places ethics, social change and tenants well being at the centre of our business model.

Landlords, do you have

  • Rent arrears?
  • Non payment / Late payment of rent?
  • Property becoming vacant every 6 months?
  • Ever increasing renovation costs?
  • Are you finding it hard to compete for tenants in a saturated market?

Landlords, would you like

  • To fix your rental income?
  • No voids or loss of income through unpaid rent or expenses
  • No more telephone calls from tenants
  • No administration to deal with
  • To save time and no more viewings
  • To have no internal repairs or associated co-ordination of tradesmen

At New Pathways C.I.C we will take care of your property and all aspects of its management.

We will fix your rental income for up to 2 years.
We will fully furnish the property (at no cost to the landlord).
We will carry out all minor internal maintenance and repairs.
(up to the value of £500)
Your property will be inspected and looked after by experienced letting professionals from the Private Rented Sector.

Would you like further information on what New Pathways can offer you as a private landlord or letting agent then please download our Landlords Information Pack by clicking the following link.

The pack includes details of the initiative, how to apply and the criteria selection for landlords and properties. It also includes a Landlord Application Form and an overview of Housing Support.

We encourage you to contact our office on (01382) 698828 if you have any further questions requiring answers and one of our professional members of staff will be available to assist you further.