Supported Accommodation

New Pathways Supported Accommodation provides Housing and Support to ensure an individual has an opportunity to remain in their tenancy longer. What we offer is an alternative approach to housing.

Permanent Housing Solutions with Care Registered Housing Support.

With a New Pathways Supported Accommodation tenancy, we provide our tenants with not just a tenancy but targeted housing support services that address the needs of each person as an individual. This allows the person we serve and support to maintain their dignity, be part of a community and sustain their tenancy.

When someone has no home or is living in unstable or temporary accommodation, maintaining or looking for work and training can be very difficult. Homelessness can also create or exacerbate a broad range of other issues that act as barriers. Ensuring that homeless people have access to appropriate independent living and life skills is essential in reducing these barriers.

That is why New Pathways Supported Accommodation combines housing with support services. These services encompass planned activities that stimulate independent living skills and are designed to encourage, enable and support the well-being of all individuals promoting choice, independence and long term tenancy sustainment.

What does it mean in practice?

With a New Pathways Supported Accommodation tenancy, housing and support come hand in hand. It is designed to help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to acquire the housing they need, as well as the emotional support and practical skills needed to maintain their tenancy.

New Pathways works with Social, Private and Public Landlords to gain access to Affordable Social Housing which would otherwise be unavailable to our tenants. The main difference with New Pathways Supported Accommodation is that we use the Private Rental Sector to gain access to alternative housing stock.

New Pathways believes everyone has the right to not just a home but the targeted support that enables them to develop the skills to live independently within their own community. We promote, encourage and empower the most hard to reach individuals to gain the confidence and self-esteem they need to unlock their full potential. We believe that regardless of a persons background or circumstances everyone has the right to a home and to gain the skills they need to sustain their own tenancy.

If you feel you would benefit from New Pathways Supported Accommodation then click on this link to our referral form today. Click on this link for further information on the Housing Support Services we provide. Alternatively you can call our office on (01382) 698828 and talk to a member of our staff for further information.