Service User Creations

New Pathways Care Registered Housing Support Service has had a great number of success stories since it began. We are committed to understanding and creating ways for our service users to express their journeys, views and opinions.

Please bookmark this page as we will be continually updating it with some of the poetry, stories and short films our service users create detailing their journeys.


Poem 1

Never give up hope, recovery is possible

By A.T.

This disease that runs through my veins

Makes me feel helpless, it drives me insane

As it causes nothing but heartache and pain

As it eats away at my soul like acid rain.

Addiction, my affliction, fills my loved ones with so much pain

As they see me flying high on dragons wings

With the scarob of the golden sand crossing the silver plains

The beast no man can tame.

Searching heaven for answers or something else to blame.

Then this thing called love touched my heart from the heavens above.

My heartstrings began to play as the angels sang out the melody.

They sang out a message of hope and love.

They sang out a message from the King above.

When you feel down, on the verge of despair

Feel you are alone and nobody cares

Open your heart and let our God in

Let him help repair you from deep within

Let him cleanse your soul and be free of sin

Call on Jesus Christ to be your King.

Rejoice at the beauty of this world we live in

And change your life and walk with him.