Service User Case Studies

New Pathways Care Registered Housing Support Service has had a great number of success stories since it began. We would ask that you bookmark this page as we continually update our website with Case Studies of our Service Users.

One of the first success stories of our Housing Support Service is illustrated in Case Study A which outlines the journey taken by our service user who is now currently in a dramatically different situation to where she was when she was referred to us.

Case Study A

Service User A is a 30 year old women with two children. Due to drug misuse and offending behaviour she had her children removed. When she was referred to us she had spent time in prison forcing her into the homeless sector on release, was still taking illegal drugs on top of her methadone program and due to her drug addiction she was working in the sex industry to pay for her supply, phone and homeless charges as her benefits did not cover this.

Service User A suffered depression, high anxiety levels and very low self esteem. As well as this she had been in an abusive relationship for many years. He encouraged the sex industry not only to pay for her drug misuse but also to pay for his. She had also contracted Hepatitis but was too anxious to deal with this at the point of referral to our organisation. It was clear to us however, upon assessment, that because of her interaction with different services that she was willing to change and modify her behaviours. All she needed was the support and a home to feel safe and secure enough to complete this.

Please click on the following link to Case Study A to see just how far this service user has come in the short time she has been working with New Pathways C.I.C.