How to apply for Housing Support Services

Applying for Housing Support Services from New Pathways couldn’t be simpler.

A referral form for this service can be downloaded from our website here.

New Pathways Housing Support Service can take referrals from organisations and individuals. This means that individuals can self refer or refer friends or family. Referrals should be based around homelessness or supported accommodation needs.

We will also consider referrals not just from individuals, but also families, couples, lone parents and those wishing to home share.

We also encourage you to contact us by telephone if any further questions are required to be answered and one of our professional members of staff will be available to assist you further.

Once we receive a referral an initial Holistic assessment will be completed and further information will be gathered from external agencies to prevent duplication of services. We will gather reports from Social Work Services, health professionals and other agencies involved with a person’s support. Once the need for housing support is established, a risk assessment will be completed gathering information related to an individuals needs and development requirements. After which, New Pathways will source an appropriate tenancy for the support to be provided, liaising with the individual at all times throughout the process.

A leaflet outlining the New Pathways Housing Support Service can also be downloaded from this website by clicking on this link. For a visual diagram of the whole process please click on the following link.