New Pathways Values and Mission

Our main aim is to provide services that contribute towards a reduction in Homelessness and provision of intervention for those at risk of Homelessness. Through targeted solutions New Pathways have developed services that meet the need of  an individual. Ensuring that the support and accommodation we provide will promote long term sustainability.

New Pathways is a ‘Not for Profit’ registered C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) Limited by Guarantee Social Enterprise. The organisations core aims are the provision of targeted Housing Support and Supported Accommodation services. New Pathways will deliver Housing Support for the promotion of long term housing sustainment and development of a Social Letting Model using combined approaches  gaining  access to properties and the housing of  vulnerable adults. The Model delivers:

  • Competitive sublet lease agreements in partnership with Private Landlords
  • Multi Agency working with Private, Public and Third Sectors.
  • Care Registered Housing Support Services
  • Personalised packages to meet an individuals needs
  • A model that works for both the landlord and tenant
  • High Quality accommodation

New Pathways ethos and values highlight the continued need to properly address the ‘grass root’ causes attributed to homelessness and the importance of leaving behind the view that the provision of housing is based on house ‘readiness’. Failure to achieve these things will see those in homeless crisis continue to go through a revolving door between prison, rough sleeping, hospital, detox and homeless networks.

New Pathways is committed to promoting person centered services through being sensitive to the needs, views and opinions of the people we serve irrespective of a persons social or economic situation. These services can be accessed through self-referral, third agency or professional bodies. Social Inclusion is at the heart of what we deliver everyday, New Pathways believes an individual has the right to a stable home irrespective of their background and to be given an opportunity to reach their full potential.